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About Keywords Suggestion Tool

The Keyword Suggestion Tool is a free tool that can generate an unlimited stream of keywords for your online marketing campaign.

It provides you with an endless stream of keyword suggestions that are highly relevant and generate traffic. Just enter the seed keyword and select the country you want to search for.

A free keyword analysis tool automatically uses a database of billions of industry-leading keywords to provide a list of recommended keywords for the initial keywords you enter.

With them, you can expect a wide range of unique and practical keyword suggestions for free to increase search traffic and reach.

This SEO tool suggests keywords that people are searching for on Google, similar to "Google Suggest".

Who can benefit from this tool? Content writer, SEO expert, webmaster, website owner, blogger, blog manager. As long as it comes to digital content, this tool is for you ... because choosing the right keywords to use in your content can lead to better things.

Keyword Suggestion Tool Features:

This keyword search tool has the following features:

  • Up to 100 different keyword suggestions for each search.
  • Recent keyword popularity/trend records based on Google Trends. This will help you see if your keywords are declining or increasing in popularity.
  • Option to view related keywords, keyword positions, and long-tail keywords for the original keyword you entered.

You have free access to all of these features for all the initial keywords you search for. And despite all the features it includes, the tool is very easy to use and very fast.

How to use the keyword suggestion tool?

First, the Keyword Suggestion Tool is free to use and you do not need to register or create an account on our site first (although it is possible here). You can use this tool at any time and there is no limit to the number of searches you can perform.

To use this online keyword finder, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the previous section of the Keyword Analysis Tools page (

Step 2: Enter the desired keywords in the space provided and select the country on which you want to base your search.

Step 3: Click "Submit Now!". Process the request.

Immediately, the tool returns a result that includes all the characteristics listed above.

Get started now with the Keyword Suggestion Tool, which not only makes your job easier as a content professional but also allows you to determine the most profitable search terms to create content and optimize your website.

Tips for using the keyword suggestion tool:

SEO projects are only as good as keyword data, so choosing the right keyword suggestion tool is an important first step for search marketers, new or veteran SEOs.

  • Using the Keyword Suggestion Tool is an excellent review. Even the most experienced search marketers can miss out on optimization opportunities. Therefore, even if you are familiar with SEO, we recommend that you use the Keyword Suggestion Tool. Even a rough search can reveal niche keyword ideas you may not have thought of, and negative keywords that might surprise you! - Extend your potential reach even further.
  • Keyword suggestion tools help identify related keywords. When it comes to keywords, relevance is everything. It is in everyone's best interest, including search engines, advertisers, and Google, that online content is as relevant as possible to search engine queries. This includes factors such as business purposes and the ability to track everything from original search to conversions such as product purchases. Another thing that many marketers overlook is the importance of excluded keywords or search terms that need to be excluded from the campaign. Going back to the previous example, "cars for sale" may be a relevant keyword for the next campaign, but another keyword, such as "classic car", may not be relevant. It must be excluded as an exclusion.
  • Keyword suggestion tools should provide actionable data. Identifying relevant keywords is only half the battle. To start and maintain a successful search marketing campaign, your data must be relevant and actionable.

With the Keyword Tool, you can download keyword data in a convenient CSV format by simply entering your email address. You can then upload this data directly to your AdWords account or content management system to start targeting and organizing your keywords.

Regardless of which keyword suggestion tool you use (and there are quite a few), be sure to provide the data you need for your campaign.