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About Domain Authority Checker

Domain authority is calculated by evaluating multiple factors, such as the links in the root domain and the total number of links, in a single DA score. Domain authority is not a metric used by Google to determine search rankings and does not affect SERPs. 

Why you need a domain authority checker?

If you want to appear on your website, perhaps to create a backlink, how do you know which one is the most authoritative or reputable to target?

Not all websites have the same rating. Some are still trying to gain ground. Some have been online for years and are constantly increasing their presence. Some people have signed up just this year.

This disparity that exists between websites creates the need for a ranking system, which is called (DA).

What is "good" domain authority?

A very high DA score is not the only goal, as the domain authority aims to predict the ranking ability of the site. Check the DA score of the sites that compete directly with SERP and aim for a higher score than the competitors. It is best used as a comparison (rather than an absolute concrete score) when researching search results to determine which sites have stronger and more important link profiles than others ... This is a comparison tool so no it necessarily has a "good" or "bad" domain authority score.

Why choose our website domain authority checker?

The domain authority verification tool has superior features and advantages over most other DA verification tools. Still, you don't have to pay a penny to use it.

Some digital marketers spend hundreds of dollars each year just to check website authority. But our tools are completely free.

It is fast, easy to use, and reliable. Some celebrities on the Internet frequently use the free Authority Checker tool.

The best thing about this DA verification tool is that it doesn't just display the DA score of your website. This is displayed from the website page authority, Moz rank and backlink domain rating of the particular website you searched, and the results for finding the website SEO score. It provides total information that you may be wandering around to search on different platforms.

How to use the domain authority checker?

Using our website authority checker is very easy. You must follow these simple steps:

However, this website authority checking tool does more than just display your site's DA. It also shows the page authority for that domain along with the Moz rank.

Also, the next section shows options that lead to more beneficial results: backlinks, domain ratings, and website SEO scores.

Reasons to improve domain authority:

Domain authority is very important for search engine ranking. Websites with high DA and much less attractive content may rank higher than websites with low DA and attractive content. If you want your website to consistently get to the first SERP page, you should strive for above-average domain authority. Why? The higher the domain authority of your website, the more likely it is to rank high in search engines. 

Factors that affect domain authority:

There are over 100 items Moz uses to calculate domain authority for a website. Here are some of them:

  • Root domain reference.
  • The quality of the link.
  • Site volume (the amount of content your site contains).
  • The age of the domain (that is, when the domain name was first published on Google, not when it was first registered).
  • Amount of social signal.
  • The overall quality of site content.
  • Website speed.
  • Moz's trust (Moz generally calculates Moz's trust and increases over time).

Tips to improve website domain authority:

The key to improving the DA of a site is to focus on improving the factors that affect the DA itself. As explained above.

You need to create high-quality backlinks. Links from other websites are like voting. The more votes a website receives, the higher the DA for that website.

Advanced Tip: You can use the Backlink Checker tool to view your domain's backlink profile.

We also found that quality content is one of the factors that affect DA. Therefore, to improve your website's web authority score, you need to work to deliver high-quality, unique, and relevant content.