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About Domain Age Checker

Domain Age Checker is a tool created primarily to verify the age of domain names on the Internet.

It is the most powerful domain age verification tool that you can find on the web because it has important domain name verification functions.

Other domain age checkers generally display the age of a domain primarily annually.

However, a domain age checker with all-in-one SEO online tools is much more sophisticated.

But that is not all.
Our domain age checker also works the magic of displaying domain name details like:

  • Date of the last domain update
  • Domain expiration date
  • IP address (the IP address indicates the user currently hosting the website and the type of IP address)
  • Name server connected to the domain name
  • Backlinks to view the history of domain names, including previous designs, layouts, content, and more.
  • Registrar of domain names.

This means that the tool not only acts as a domain age checker but also does the following:

  • Domain expiration checker
  • Domain IP address checker
  • Web hosting checker
  • Domain name server checker
  • Domain Registrar Checker

With these feature packs, you can agree that this is a fancy domain name parser, not your average domain age checker.

Oh, and did we say you get all of this for $ 0? Yes, it is completely free. There are no hidden or monthly fees. It can be used without pre-registration.

What is the domain age?

Simply put, a "domain age" is the amount of time a domain name has existed. The age of the domain name.

So for example, if your domain name was registered in 2010, your domain will be 10 years old in 2020.

And what is the domain name? Like, this is the URL of your website. 

How to use this domain age checker?

I think our domain age analyzer is very easy to use and we enjoy it!

You can verify a single domain name or do a bulk check of the domain's elapsed time.

The method is the following.

Step #1: To use the tool, you must first visit this page (

Step #2: In the text box that appears, enter the domain name using HTTP: //.

Step #3: After entering the domain name, click Get domain age to complete the request.

Now you know how old your domain is. You can also see if there was more than one previous owner.

No other machine on Interweb is as sophisticated as this one.

Reasons to verify the age of your domain name:

There are several reasons to verify the age of your domain name. They are listed below.

However, keep in mind that you may decide to check the following first:

  • Age of the existing domain name you want to buy.
  • Age of the domain name of the competition.
  • Or simply the age of your domain name.

Of course, the main reason to check the age of a domain is to know when the domain was registered and how old it is now.

Well, you may already know this when you register your operational domain name. So if you check it, it's not the best way to spend your time and it won't be of much help (unless you forgot it when you registered your domain name).

It leaves us two other options:

  • Check the age of the domain of the name you want to buy.
  • Check the age of the competing domains.

Verifying the age of a competitor's domain name is almost one thing for you. Now you can see how long your competitor's domain name has been around and see what conflicts.

On the other hand, by checking the age of the domain name you are buying, you will know what you are about to do.