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About Bank to IFSC Code

The IFSC code (Indian Financial System Code) is a unique 11-digit alphanumeric code that identifies a bank branch. This code is used by the Reserve Bank of India to facilitate electronic money transfers.

How to find the IFSC code of a bank?

In India, every bank has a unique IFSC code that can be found on the checkbook or passbook of the account holder. The IFSC code can also be found on the bank’s official website or the RBI’s website.

How to use the IFSC code?

When transferring funds online, the sender needs to specify the IFSC code of the recipient bank branch. This ensures that the funds are transferred to the correct bank account.

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A tool from Bank IFSC Code Finder helps you to get the Bank IFSC Code within a few seconds. All you need to do is to select the bank name from the dropdown box and enter the branch name in the search box. After getting the results you can click on the bank name to get detailed information about the bank. The Bank IFSC Code Finder tool is a free tool that helps you to find the bank IFSC code within a few seconds. The tool is very easy to use and it is very helpful for bank customers.

The Complete List of All Banks with their IFSC Code, MICR Code, Branch Location, and Contact Details will be shown on the new page.

How to Use the IFSC Code Finder?

If you have the IFSC Code of a bank and you want to know the name of the bank, its branch, and its location, then you can use the IFSC Code Finder to find all the details of the respective bank.

Another use of the IFSC Code Finder is to find banks within a district of a state. You can use this functionality to find which banks are located within a district of a state.

In the following sections, we will go through the steps in detail.

How to Use the IFSC Code Finder to Find Bank Name, Branch, and Location?

If you want to find the name of the bank and its branch location and other details, you can enter the IFSC Code of the bank and click on the Find Button.

In the example below we have entered the IFSC Code of SBI.

As you can see that after clicking the Find Button the following information